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Dinging Ah-Counter Android App

The Ah-Counter is responsible for noting and keeping track of words and sounds used as a ‘crutch’ or ‘pause filler’ by anyone who speaks during the Toastmasters meeting. Words may be inappropriate interjections such as and, well, but, so, like, you know. Sounds may be ah, um, er.

Extracting Your LinkedIn Connections Into Neo4j Graph Database

Today I was playing with exploring my LinkedIn network – just for fun and as a pretext to play with Neo4j.

I’ve managed to ask simple questions like “With whom do I have the most contacts in common?” or “What is the most popular first name in my network?” (Piotr & Marcin)

Challange #1 – How to get the data?

I have decided to use inmaps from Linkedin. Below you can see screenshot of my network:

Analysing AWS CloudTrail Logs With ElasticSearch and Kibana

Summary of my recent spike with ElasticSearch, Kibana and Docker.

Quick and dirty forensics

Recently we had an situation were CloudTrail was invaluable tool in finding out what happened. The only issue was usability of the logs.

We are new to the tool, so at the time we had a logging enabled, but not much more. When the incident happened we pretty much just run s3sync sync and than worked with logs “by hand” in a manner similar to this:

What Should I Focus On?

I am working again on my goals. I want to be focused and work on the most important things.

In this short post I will share some of the things I have been doing to get myself on the right track again.

Make It Happen

(This is a transcript of a speech I’ve delivered recently in my Toastmasters club.)

Two years ago a bus full of employes of 1 company department was heading for a team event. I was sitting on this bus and chatting with a person next to me.

“Hey, did you notice that in our department we are quite good at knowledge sharing?”
“You know, we show each other what are we working on, we practice together”
“How about other departments? We don’t share so much with them?”
“Yeah, let’s do something about it!”

and we did.

MelbTram - My First App for Smart Watch

I’ve recently bought Sony Smart Watch 2 with the intention of developing apps for it (check out MelbTram).

I am quite happy with this purchase, it’s really convenient to be able to see who is calling or read a message at simple glance. I have chosen Sony Smart Watch, mainly because it runs Android and supports my Nexus phone.

I have created my first app in two sessions on consecutive weekends (two Sundays). The first session was about being able to deploy simple “Hello World” app to the watch.

Global Day of CodeRetreat 2013

On 14th of December I’ve attended a CodeRetreat in Melbourne. It was a Global Day of CodeReterat – the 3rd one I was a part of. This year I’ve done something new, rather then facilitating I focused on enabling others to do so. I have run 3 google hangouts trainings1 for first time facilitators ( #1 #2 ) and hosts. I’ve also worked closely with the great team organizing CodeRetreat in Melbourne. It was the first Global CodeRetreat I’ve attended, rather then facilitated :)

As always the day was full of fun and learning :) In Melbourne we had a good mixed group of around 25 developers. People were programming in Ruby, JavaScript, Java, PHP and probably some other languages as well.