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My 6 Favorites Demos From Vision Summit 2016

Vision Summit

Vision Summit 2016 is probably my craziest conference trip to date. It took 25000 kilometres in distance and over 30 hours of travel just to attend 2 days event. Did I mention that I decided to go and bought all my tickets 5 days before? Yes, it was pretty crazy :–)

Was it worth it? Hell yeah! It was a huge VR conference, with over 1000 participants and lots of cool things to see :–) .. Plus, apparently all devs taking part in the event are going to receive free HTC Vive dev kit – nice surprise!

In my opinion, the best quote of the conference goes to Jeff Noris from NASA, when he was talking about possible future applications of VR in space exploration:

sorry to tell this will not be the future - this is happening today

Watch the full keynote to experience it.

I would like to share with you 3 demos I enjoyed the most. What they have in common, is that I was able to forget about VR hardware and just enjoy the experience. The list:

  • Tilt Brush with HTC Vive – it’s mind blowing :–) Being able to paint in 3D with your hands and walk around your art work is something you can only do in VR. And it’s fun.
  • The London Heist with PlayStation VR – my first time with PlayStation VR – positively surprised by quality of the experience. The game itself was so fun to play. Being able to lean outside the window in a running car and shot is pretty cool. If you have Playstation 4 – you have to get Playstation VR.
  • Lucky’s Tale with Oculus Rift – This was just pure joy to play. Being able to lean forward or sideways is surprisingly fulfilling when playing 3D platformer. Looking forward to playing games like SimCity or Civilization.

And 3 more demos, that I really liked:

  • Arch Virtual – this is the future of architecture and interior design. Let me just say – you are inside a kitchen, and with a few gestures you can change colour of wall paint, type of tiles or pick a model of a fridge – and see in the real time effects of your decisions. This is better than, and will replace construction show rooms.
  • Budget Cuts -I was not good at it, so I didn’t enjoyed this game as much. However, I really would like to come back to it. Stealth mode games are perfect fit for VR and this one is very well made. Playing something like Comandos would be great.
  • Virzoom – gym bike + VR. That combination works really well. I expect to see that in the gyms very soon.

If you haven’t yet tried latest generation of VR hardware on well made content, like mentioned above – you have to try.

Mind blown

Your mind might be blown away and you have to experience it to understand what I mean.