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Shipping MarineVerse

With the start of 2016 I’ve started working on a new project. MarineVerse – all about sailing in virtual reality. I am having quite a bit of fun working on it, combining my passion for sailing and technology.

I am working on MarineVerse together with Olga, with a great result. For example, check out the awesome logo :–)

Currently I am using Unity to build simple cardboard apps and also experimenting with GearVR. Below you can see me showing an early version of “Point of Sail” app.

Also, finally I’ve signed up to a sailing club in Melbourne and with a start of Feburary I will be joining a sailing course. Looking forward to it :–)

Coming back to MarineVerse, I am working on it with full steam ahead. There is a landing page and blog.

Please follow MarineVerse on twitter and like it on Facebook. Cheers :–)