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CampJS Project - ArtSocks VR

Last weekend I’ve been to CampJS.

It was 4 days event held on a camp site in Queensland, Australia. Imagine mixture of conference, hackathon and social event. It works great and I highly recommend this format :–) ( Checkout the photos on twitter )

Thank you everyone who made CampJS a blast :–)

ArtSocks VR

During the weekend I’ve decided to experiemnt with virtual reality in the browser.

I’ve used webvr-boilerplate to build simple virtual art gallery prototype.

To make it more fun, I’ve used websockets so you can be in the gallery with someone else.

Below list of images I’ve used in the demo:

  1. hydrangea polka
  2. Autumn Leaves (Teal)
  3. Parallel Universe
  4. june & her crocodile
  5. infuse.

Please have a look at a demo – it works the best in VR :–) (open in browser on the phone and click VR icon)

PS. One of the great things abotu CampJS was ability to show what you are building and get ideas and feedback from people around you. Ben from SceneVR showed me how easy it is to build something similar in SceneVR. It’s really cool project, check it out :–)