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Why Should You Attend Refactoring Code Retreat?

First of all, I will be honest with you with you… Refactoring Code Retreat is just more fancy name for a good old Legacy Code Retreat.

Why use different name? After the last internal Code Retreat we speculated that the “legacy” was a put off for some people, that would otherwise enjoy the event:

Legacy code during weekend? I see enough of that during the week!


So this time, we are changing the name, trying to make it more attractive ;)

Anyway, why should you attend? In my opinion, Legacy(Refactoring) Code Retreat is worth your time because:

  • Pair programming – You get to pair with other passionate devs. In fact at least 5 different ones during the day. How many new tricks can you learn?
  • Getting better with Legacy Code – Have you ever had to change legacy code without any tests? During Code Retreat you will practice techniques to put such a legacy code under tests. It’s a chance to practice some of the ideas from Working Effectively with Legacy Code book.
  • Fun – We are going to work with legacy code that is actually nice. It is specifically crafted to by well suited for a CodeRetreat and it provides good training ground for applying techniques we want to master.

You can register for Refactoring Code Retreat in Melbourne here.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about Legacy Code Retreat, have a look here.